Future Works will give 20% discount to the following:

Churches or Religious Organizations
Police, Fire, EMS and Rescue Squad Personnel
Full time employee's of Hospital's
Full time employee's of nursing homes
Senior Citizens
College Students

Just mention this at time of placing an order, and will need a current pay stub upon payment for verification purposes.

Welcome to the Future Works Computer
Recycling and Refurbishing Center

This new division of Future Works provides everyone, residential and commercial, a chance to clean up and make room by getting rid of all their unused computer and electronic components!

Future Works will come and pick up all your old items free of charge, and can even provide reciepts in case it can be used a a tax break! No Job is too small or too large! We service the Knoxville Area on a daily basis, as well as all of East Tennessee by appointments. Our usual turn around time for Local Pickups is 1 day, out of county pick ups are done within 3 days.

What do we do with all this stuff? A lot of people ask that. We simply go through it, test the items, if they work, we Refurbish them for either re-sale to the public, or donations to local schools or charity's. The Items that do not work, we strip down and recycle. Nothing is wasted, and nothing is taking to a landfill. It is 100% ecologically friendly!

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Items for pickup: